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Quality Policy

Top management of "Lada-Press" is considered that the main priorities of staff is highly efficient production and supply of stamping metal products to customers in accordance with their requirements and expectations.

Activity and intentions of "Lada-Press" for the achievement of planned results and business development are:

  • winning the recognition in the market and maintaining the status of a reliable supplier, insurance of customer satisfaction, increased liability and guarantees, including the creation of necessary reserves and stocks in order to reduce the risk of the customer;
  • improvement of production through the use of modern equipment, advanced technology and automated systems, as well as the industrialization of new products, services and works;
  • expanding its presence in the market, increasing the turnover of financial resources and profitability, creating a positive look of the organization;
  • creation of mutually beneficial relationship and the conditions of good understanding with suppliers, planning of long-term cooperation with them on the basis of partnership, common strategy and knowledge exchange to improve the performance of the manufactured products and increase its competitiveness;
  • organization of training, skills development activities for professionals performing works that ensure the product quality;
  • production culture support, the implementation of health care and staff safety, reduction of harmful effects on the environment, keeping care of energy and natural resources;
  • ensuring of good infrastructure and working area.

Director of LLC "Lada-Press" is obliged to increase the satisfaction of all concerned parties to ensure effective functioning of the quality management system based on the achievement of the purposes of improving the performance, fulfilling the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 and applying the recommendations of GOST R ISO 9004.

The Quality policy of LLC "Lada-Press" is used by staff in conjunction with the approved Mission, Vision of the organization and Principles of quality management.




The main principals of labor protection policy are:

  • the priority of life and health of workers;
  • implementation of federal laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, regional laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation on labor protection, as well as the federal sectoral targets and regional target programs to improve working conditions and safety;
  • assistance to public control in labor protection over the observance of the rights and legitimate interests of workers;
  • investigation and registration of accidents at work and industrial diseases;
  • compensation for heavy work and work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions, unavoidable in the modern technical level of production and labor organization;
  • diffusion of national and foreign experience in improving working conditions and safety;
  • organization of the state statistical reporting on working conditions and on industrial accidents, occupational diseases and their material consequences;
  • organization of training for workers, employees and managers about the requirements of labor protection, fire safety;
  • providing the employees with individual protection devices and collective protection equipment and sanitary and amenity facilities;
  • priority of financing of labor protection activity, training and development of production staff;
  • reduction of overall morbidity due to temperature conditions.




components for assembly of seats and mufflers



accessories for assembly of mufflers



accessories for assembly of mufflers



components for assembly of seats



components for assembly of seats



stamped parts for assembly units of the car